Hollow Core Fibre Group
The fabrication of hollow core fibres requires a highly skilled team.
The hollow core fibre group operate in the Zepler Institute’s £120m cleanroom facility.
We make our fibres on a dedicated fibre drawing tower.
Simulations give insight in to how these unique fibres work.
Light in shining armour.
Fibre fabrication at the ORC
Hollow core fibres made at the ORC are breaking records.
Developing diagnostic processes has enabled us to push hollow core fibre technology to new limits.

Go Team NANF!

Our researchers at the Hollow Core Fibre group have gathered for an away day to showcase and celebrate the success achieved so far in the...
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Hollow core fibre: Clearer than glass

Guiding light in solid glass is limited by Rayleigh scattering, tiny fluctuations in the glass density, Hollow Core Fibres don't suffer from this limitation. Hesham...
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Hollow core fibre loss reduced to 0.28 dB/km

We presented a new record low loss result at the OFC 2020 post-deadline session, halving the previous record we presented 6 months ago, at the...
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ECOC 2019: Breakthrough result for Hollow core fibres

The University of Southampton's world-leading Optoelectronic Research Centre (ORC), based in the Zepler Institute of Photonics and Nanoelectronics, has announced significant breakthroughs in hollow-core fibre...
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Hesham Sakr talks to the OSA

Watch: OSA Early Career Professional Hesham Sakr, University of Southampton, UK, discusses replacing silicon with air--OSA Stories: https://www.osa.org/en-us/history/multimedia/video_audio/watch/?id=6089501120001
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Record Low Loss Hollow Core Fiber for the 1 micron region

Hesham Sakr presented this record breaking result at CLEO Munich last week. The team made a NANF fibre to guide high power laser light in the 1µm...
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The Hollow Core Fibre Research Group

The Hollow Core Fibre research group is based in the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton in the UK. It conducts world-leading research on hollow core fibres, a type of optical fibre that guides light in an air core by surrounding it with a carefully constructed web of thin glass membranes. Our research encapsulates all aspects of research into these unique fibres, from theory and design through to fabrication, characterisation and application.